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a girl with short curly hair sitting in front of framed fine art photographs

"I am a visual artist with a deep desire to connect to nature, to my audience and to myself.  I play with nature, movement, light and texture, to create evocative, figurative images, which are connected to the subconscious".   

Self Portrait artist Kellie North creates thought-provoking, beautiful imagery of the feminine form. Capturing feminine, mostly faceless figures draped in billowing fabric in water or juxtaposed against the ruggedness of the natural environment.

Her work has been described as visual poetry – it’s highly emotive and unwaveringly evocative.  Her art explores the vivid contrast of fluid organic shapes and the natural world, it celebrates their differences yet unites them, creating a lasting impression with the viewer. 


Not one for treading the traditional photographic line, Kellie often likes to combine her natural forms and landscapes with surreal elements, using carefully refined composite and digital art techniques.

This visual storyteller's artistic pursuits have taken her across the globe to the UK, America, India and Asia.

"I have always enjoyed listening to peoples stories and in turn love the reciprocity of telling my own".

"Photography is a wonderful medium in which you can tell a story, be it documentary or fine art".

Kellie's philosophy about art, centres around honesty.  “I believe the more authenticity and emotion you put into your pieces, the more you connect with them, and in turn, others will hopefully connect with them too".

Kellie’s work has been featured in numerous publications, industry magazines and on TV together with her work being exhibited in galleries nationally as both group and or solo shows.

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