For some, silence can be a curse, to be alone and silent with a sense of solemnity in being with oneself can be deafening and dark.


For others, silence is a gift, a state in which they can escape the expansive and glittering world around them. A place they can be clear… still… and float on the moment, with only their intimate thoughts to accompany them.


In this series, I explore both sides of silence


The lighter more reflective side, where a moment of silence in someone’s life could and can bring inner calm, peace and serenity, if able to let go and consciously be still and disconnected from the busyness in our minds and of today’s society.

Alongside the darker more encompassing side, where lack of noise and literal silence in one’s head can take them to a deeper darker place where loneliness and restlessness reside.


The way I sought to portray both sides of this state, I did so through featuring the pure, ethereal beauty of billowing, floating fabric, working together with the ‘life’ of the chosen wildflowers, juxtaposed against the black of the water and the deathly, ‘Ophelia’ like character purposely adding an alluring fragility and eerie darkness to the images, demanding the viewer to look again and question which side of silence they find themselves dwelling in.

Sound of Silence I