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Sound of Silence - Solo Exhibition Brunswick St Gallery Melbourne 13th - 26th June 2018

I'm not usually one for goal setting but this year I wanted to change that a little, so I set myself a couple of small ones, one of them being to try and step over the state line and introduce my work to some galleries in both Sydney and Melbourne.

So you can image how excited I was when I ended up speaking with Brunswick St Gallery in Melbourne in regards to holding a Solo show of my new series 'Sound of Silence'

This series came to life whilst on a road trip down south at Christmas last year with my family. We were camping in lots of National Parks and off course, as always getting off the beaten track.

When preparing for a shoot, I always have a good idea of what I need to photograph to make my vision come to life.

I confess, I am obsessed with watching way too many medieval, viking/celtic movies and dramas so with this series I took inspiration from that. I wanted it to be dark with a touch of light. To portray this I needed dark coloured water, billowing fabric and wild flowers and not much more.

I always find doing the actual shoot enables me to go deeper into the story I want to share.

As a self portrait artist I just love the fact I get to experience all elements that goes into each image. Part of the set up, I usually have a play around with positions, placement of fabric etc before I start taking shots and for this shoot, laying and immersing my ears under the water I consciously noticed the sound of silence came immediately.

All of the busyness and loudness of the day just melted away and all I was left with were the sounds of crickets and my thoughts..........

This got me thinking, silence can be either a light or dark place.

For some it can bring a solemnity, a peace and calm but for others the silence can take them to a place that is lonely, dark and unsettling.

I wanted to portray both sides in this series choosing elements and props that could easily translate.

Here I am after all the work is done, at my dear printer Mr T's lab looking over what will be the final framed pieces.

Print Inspection @ TDI Imaging

Print Inspection @ TDI Imaging

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