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El'ise explains the 'taboo' story retold in every piece of art in House 4 on The Block

In the pieces of art featured throughout House 4 the women are showing off their body in feminine ways, not promiscuously, and they're not showing their faces either.

"As you're going through, they're all different shapes and sizes and have different vulnerabilities, and it just shows the beauty and strength within a woman and the ability to push herself to the absolute maximum for her family," she explained.

"We wanted to show growth in that opposed to Grey Street and looking at it like it's a dirty street."

The first room they brought this vision to life in was the formal living room with photography by Kellie North.

"All of the photography is of women hiding their faces but showing the beauty of their bodies in the way they're laying or sitting," said El'ise.

The images, which are from Kellie's The Sound Of Silence series, are some of El'ise's favourite pieces throughout their home.

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