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May I introduce my newest piece - Still to be titled

One of 4 pieces in this collection

As a self-portrait artist I come alive when I’m in the bush. This image was taken in the early morning on the outskirts of Longreach, just as the sun peaked up over the horizon .

I remember the moment vividly, the earth beneath my feet was dewy between my toes, the breeze was cool, a welcome delight from the heat of the day before, I felt at home, connected and free, as I stood grounded, basking in the warm light caressing my skin .

Being here, on the land at this moment, was a moment in time I will not forget. I was seeing colours in the sky and a richness in the land, so painterly I could feel the earths life and spirit around me.

This print is Available in different sizes please message me for details.


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