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The Norths Go Walkabout

Open Road outback queensland
The Norths Go Walkabout

Happy to say The Norths have gone WALKABOUT. 🙌🏻

It seems like it's been a long time coming, and feels like we've spoken about it for ages, so to be out on the open road feels fantastic. For those who know us know we've always loved hitting the road, but this time is slightly different, we are lucky enough to be able to go for an extended period of time.

Thanks to a number of people, Charlottes school and teachers who approved her lengthy absence and are helping me to home school her with resources, , Hi Mrs D and Mr T 👋🏻. To Dan's business partner and wife who are manning the fort and taking care of things until we return, to my mum who allowed her beloved husband to come on this journey with us ( A lifetime bucket list tick) and to our family and friends who always help us out and support us when needed.

The preparation for this trip turned out to a lengthy one so it took us a good week on the road to unwind and really get into the swing of things.

We are travelling in a wicked Lifestyle Hybrid Reconn R2 Camper called Reginald (aka Reggie) @lifestylecampertrailers #lifestylecampers #lifestylecampertrailers we knew he was awesome, but moving as quickly as we are at the moment to get up north, he is coming into his own, the set up and pull down is a breeze, the kitchen and storage are AMAZING, a quick flick up and you can have smoko in no time! Can not wait to take him further north to see how he handles the corregation.

Lunch time in the sunshine on Reggie

Our adventure started in Goondiwindi, a small but bustling rural town. You quickly realise a way local communities bring colour and joy to a town is through art. In the town of Goondiwindi I was excited to visit the wall mural painted by friends and fellow Art Lovers Australia Artists Kate Owen and Sarah Sculley. Such vibrant colour and story, LOVED IT!

Wall Mural in the town of Goondiwindi painted by Kate Owen and Sarah Sculley

In another small town called Yelarbon, there were beautiful huge Silos painted by @_brightsiders A Brisbane based Art Collective who specialise in large scale murals. These are a part of the Silo Art Trail

This one below is titled 'When the Rain Comes' #brightsiders #largescalemurals #artoutwest.

Mural on Silos painted by Brisbane Art Collective The Brightsiders

My littlest found a friend or two in and around the Goondiwindi region, such a lovely town, we loved this area and no doubt will be back again passing through on another trip. But then it was onto Weengallon.


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