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Mood Board for series Sound of Silence

Before I start an image or a series I gather ideas and inspiration from everywhere, music, images, books, paintings, other artists, nature, fabric, colour etc.

This 'board' is a place where I pull together the colour palette and mood I wish to see throughout the series.

Having this mood board present while I work is a helpful tool to refer to and reflect upon for colour choice, colour toning and texture and feel for the image/s.

Here is the Mood Board I pulled together over a period of time, for my series Sound of Silence, showing this June in Melbourne @brunswickstreetgallery.

When I start the process of selecting images and things from various places, the colours, mood and overall feel comes together with each added piece.

When I know what I would like to see prominent in the image I make sure to research and find inspiration to put these particular elements onto the mood board.

In this series I wanted to create a dark yet ethereal feel to the images, showcasing earthy tones, muted colours and delicate props emulating paintings of old, together with the softness of the billowing fabric in the water and the deathly 'Ophelia' like character adding a sense of eeriness to the series in hope of enticing and alluring the viewer, forcing them to ask questions.


Image Credits

Frances MacDonald - Ophelia 1898, Robin Isley, Floral Death by Tegan Marie, Annie Stegg - Ophelia, Lisbeth Cheever-Gessaman – Ophelia, Dans Loubili, Let me be free

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