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Prep Time!

The Signing!

All the preparation that goes into putting together an exhibition for me is the exciting part. It’s all the intricate details that have to happen after the images have been made.

The printing, the profiling, the checking, the signing, preparing certificates, the framing, there is just so much that has to happen to bring a story to life.

I’ve always loved the process of my craft, the journey it takes me on to get to the end result.

I love storytelling and being able to tell stories visually through images is such a joy for me.

To see this series come together as organically as it has with the help of Mr T @tdiimaging and Dan @studiosix49 who I can not thank enough, is creatively an exciting time.

I am so happy after many months of prep to be sharing this series of images with you.

More sneak peeks to come.....

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