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Epic Fails!

Sometimes what I visualise in my mind isn’t always easy to bring to life. As u can imagine a lot goes into creating 1 image but I love the process and absolutely love the fact that what I do allows me full immersion into my craft even if that means getting cold or muddy or just plain uncomfortable 😣

Most of the time it takes lots of shots to get that one shot!

As you can see.......there are a few epic fails!!

Every image always starts with a thought which then materialises into a vision which then works it’s way into a thought pattern of what needs to happen to make this vision become a reality And so it begins.......

Once I’m on the road and have got in my mind what I need to start making the image I then find a rock or a rock pool to jump on or into it.

Camera on tripod set to go with remote in plastic bag ready to throw onto a nest of towels I then wade into and lie in the water attempting to look graceful

Click click click........check, nope that won’t do, do it AGAIN!!!!

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