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NEW WORK - What Will Tomorrow Look Like

Limited Edition Print - What Will Tomorrow Look Like

One of three pieces in this story, evolving over the last couple of years, this piece is now ready. Like all of my work this one took its time to be completely realised.

I started work on it before the pandemic, coming and going from it like a painter to a canvas waiting for the layers to dry before revisiting and applying the next layer. The pandemic hit and our world changed . New rules, new ideas, a new future. Things were changing daily. Waking up not knowing what the powers that be would throw our way next. World views had changed and we were constantly being challenged on all levels. Lives had been dramatically impacted and none of us knew what our tomorrow would look like. All of us, learning to navigate this new realm brings me to the visual of the slightly dystopian landscape and glowing circle in this piece. The circle started as a moon then turned into a sort of portal to what lies on the other side, ‘the unknown’. The woman is walking toward the portal peering into it ready to step through. Standing strong in herself, learning to evolve with her heart open, ready to step into whatever lies in front of her.

What will tomorrow look like? No one knows. But we must be brave, let go and step into the unknown in order to move through it and realise our new now.


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